by Dave Wall


I remember there was a good storm brewing the night before and the snow report estimated ten inches. The best part was that it was going to be a Wednesday "pow"… those are always the best because not too many people come up for some reason.

At the time I had a pretty flexible job, so I let them know ahead of time that I was not coming in. I also called all my friends to see who was going to be there. Most of them said they had to work except my brother. So I just planned on me and James (my bro) to be shreddin.

I was up at 7:00 a.m., making breakfast and getting all my gear together. And of course, I had to be the one to go and get my lazy-ass brother out of his bed. For some reason I always seem to be the one most motivated to get there early. You would think it would rub off on whoever was coming with me, but it doesn't usually I get a f#$% you, let me sleep, but I just keep it up until they have to chase me around the house to get me to stop. It's a good strategy because they usually don't go back to sleep after that. But this time, it only took me going outside and grabbing some of the sweet powder and throwing it in his face. He wasn't too happy but it made him realize the powder situation and he was up like a 13-year-old boy looking though the bra section of a Sears magazine.

I was so set for that day … snacks in my pocket, freshly waxed board, new batteries in my CD player, jamming music, "rockin" sandwiches with tons of meet and avocado for lunch, two red bulls, pain killers in case I got hurt, and a little alcohol … basically, everything I could think of.

On the way up Big Cottonwood Canyon, I was getting mad butterflies. There was still snow on the roads from the storm and the clouds were breaking. A perfect setup for a phenomenal blue bird "pow" day. We got to Brighton Resort 15 minutes before 9:00. First in line for Great Western, I wanted to go to Millie but we had never hit the backside of Western on a day like this, so we had to get first tracks. I remember the lift ride up perfectly. I was listening, way chill music, I had my eyes closed and was just Zenin-out.

When I felt the chair level and we are about to get off, I open my eyes. The lifty was still shoveling snow. There was a good 14 inches! The sun just started making its way though the clouds bathing the beautiful view of those snow covered mountains. My board hit the snow, making that crunching sound that perfect light power makes. Made my stomach jump and all my Zen turned right back to aggression.

We had to take our boards off to get to the backside because there was way too much snow to skate it. I have never strapped in so fast. I was the first in line for tracks. I started across the traverse but of course there was so much snow I couldn't quite make it, so I just turned my nose downhill. Powder was shooting up in my face every time I thrust my board deep. The trees were coming up fast. Had to take some of my speed down to thread them. It was so sick! James and I were within 15 feet of each other, cutting back and forth. Funny thing though, he got right behind me trying to take my tracks for speed, so I grabbed a branch on my way though. He got a mad blast of falling tree snow. I almost wrecked because I was to busy trying to watch. We hit the bottom and I looked over at James, we both had those grins on our faces. Those grins that I can't find anywhere else except on a hill.

The day was on! We were bound and determined to get the freshest powder. It was just pointing it. Like speed demons, we took that powder for all it was worth. Millie, Great Western, Wren Hollow, Rock Gardens, Wind Lip, we were making the rounds. I didn't think the day could get any better, but it DID!

I don't know if it was an act of God but I know it was a miracle. Everyone I called the night before said they probably were not coming. The phone started ringing off the hook. Britt, Cristina, Susie, Johnny, PA crew, everyone and more ended up there. It blew all of our minds. No one coordinated it but somehow everyone ended up calling in or getting the day off. We had the whole crew and then some!

It was amazing! Like a trained battalion we attacked that mountain. I have never meshed so well with so many people. We were all at top speeds weaving in and out, giving high fives at like 30 miles per hour. Cheering everyone on and given props. I have never had such a good group dynamic. And the tree runs! So many people cruising though them, I don't even know how to relate the feeling.

We all cruised over to Millie. We had people cheering us on from the lift. I am sure it was an awesome site to see like 12 people killing that hill together. I am sure it looked like some kind of boarder cross because we were all at top speeds, picking our obstacles. We all stopped at the little cliff drop just to the left and a little up from the lift. I loved it because everyone gave it a shot. We were all just "chillin", watching everyone slaughter it.

The park was set too. I didn't think they would have it up because of the 14 inches but I guess they had been grooming early in the morning. We had about 1 - 2 inches on the groomed parts and the park was pretty set. We started out on My-O-My. The jumps had just been re-cut so they were perfect! For some reason, I am always the ginny pig and have to hit everything first. That doesn't really bother me because it is such a rush to hit something for the first time. Even if it's just a fresh jump with new lip.

So I pointed it… got some pretty decent speed for the first hit. When I realized I was going a little too fast for that lip, it was a little too late. I had to lean way back to pop the s!$%^ out of it to throw my speed upward. It kinda worked but I was still shooting too far out so I just did a massive tale grab and prepared for the flat land. I sailed out OK but I was positioned way too squarely for the next hit but of course, I hit it anyway. The only way I could slow down enough to not completely flat land it, was to start an early 360. It worked out perfect. I had one of those "hell yah" landings and double-shifted the last hit. Not too bad for the first time thru for the day.

I love just "chillin" at the bottom after a run like that. I got to watch all my friends take all their fears and inhibition and go to combat with every trick or jump. You can totally relate when you see them stomp a trick they have been tearing at for a couple of days. I LOVE IT!!!!

I could go on and on about what happened throughout the day, but I don't think that would even do it justice. The only thing I can say is if you have a very creative imagination… think of the best day you could ever have. Think about how that would feel. So if you are a shredder, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Until my next best day!