I have received a number of e-mails from former ski bums. After reading this letter, I decided to create a page where former ski bums can post some info about what they are up to now. If you are a former Killington ski bum and want the world to know what you are up to, this will be the place.

Here is the latest:

Hi, I'm one of the oldy ski-bums, vintage 1972-1980. They were great years!! We had people like Pancho, Suze, Jimbo, Jeannie, Big Nose Patty, Fat Paul, and Nedly to name a few. I did it all - was a waitress, did season pass, clerked, skipatrolled, and whatever people needed. In the early days we all shared work in the area businesses and did all the jobs. A real cooperative "family" type of thing.

Some of us got organized a few years ago and had a "Killington: Where were you in '72 Reunion" and had a fantastic reaction to it. Everyone wanted to know where people had moved to or were doing now. I read your web-site is current stuff, but it would be great if you could add a Ski-Bum Alumni Section. We talked about doing it here but felt it would be better on a web-site.

The things we came up with of interest were:

Nick Name:__________________ Real Name:
Ski-Bum Work Place: ____________ Ski-Bum Job Description:
Year(s) as Ski Bum:
What you do now:_____________ Where:
Anything you want to share:
(Optional) How to get in touch with you (i.e. e-mail address)

People really want to check out their old friends. For many people ski-bumming was their "college" time as they didn't go to college. Many of us only knew each other by our nickname or where we worked. Keeping in touch when we moved on was not too important then but is important
now as we get a little grey around the corners.

So what do you think??? I hope you will do something like this. We even got permission to make-up University of Killington T-Shirts to go with this idea. The t-shirts could be done for each ski-area if you wanted a side business. I'd love to work on this if you are interested.

Thank you for your time,

Sue Kohnowich.