by Paul Maraschiello


I drove up to Killington for some really serious spring skiing. I picked up my daughter Jessie at the Albany airport and we drove to Killington as we had done many times in the past. They were having Spring Fest that weekend. This is a new event for Killington and based on the good time that people were having, it will be around for years to come. The weekend highlighted live outdoor music from the Budweiser Concert Series on Saturday featuring ZOX and Little Feat will perform on Sunday at Bear Mountain. These bands rocked all day long as we skied and watched the riders compete in the halfpipe. Snowboarders competed in the Spring Loaded event held in the SoBe Superpipe and a nighttime rail jam under the lights on Saturday and on the slopestyle course on Sunday.

We watched some of the competitors in the pipe but the day was so grand, that we just had to get back to doing some serious skiing. The slopes were in great shape everyplace we went. Superstar was bumped up top to bottom. We had decided to warm up on Superstar that morning and it reminded me of a trip I took with Jessie many years ago. She was 10 and after skiing down Superstar she turned to me and said, "Superstar is boring Dad, lets go to Bear Mountain." When your 10-year-old makes that kind statement, you've got a real skier on your hands.

We checked out all the expert trails at Killington, stopping to watch the snowboarders compete every time we went down Wildfire. We enjoyed a beer on the porch at the Bear Mountain base lodge And then headed back to the Killington Base Lodge for lunch. It had gotten warm, skiing in all that sunshine and we needed to get rid of a few layers of clothing.

We rode up the chairlift to upper Skylark and cut over to Superstar for a few more bumps. When we got to the base lodge, we ran into a few of my old friends on the porch. I got to touch base with Peter DeMayo and a few of the other guys I skied with when I lived at Killington in the old days. They were cooking out on the parch and the burgers were tasty. There was a 2-man band playing great music, the sun was shining and it was a perfect day. People were shedding their clothes and working on their tans and enjoying the great music provided by Joey the Guitar Wizard Leone and his base man. We had a great lunch and then headed back to the slopes for some serious skiing. I always try to get in a week of spring skiing in New England and days like this are the reason why.

We were staying at the Snowed Inn, a traditional ski lodge just off the Killington access road. Our room was very nice and after skiing, we made use of the hot tub to sooth our aching muscles. It turned out that I had met our innkeepers Manfred Karlhuber at the Killington Renaissance festival a few years ago and we have some friends in common. The Snowed Inn is very comfortable and serves a continental breakfast and the rates are reasonable. If you're going to Killington, I can recommend this European-style ski lodge. For reservations, call (800) 311-5406.

We relaxed for a while and then headed to the Pasta Pot for dinner. They serve the best Italian food in the Killington region and it is a "must" whenever I'm at Killington. After a very pleasant dinner, Jessie and I did a little night clubbing. Joey the Guitar Wizard Leone was playing at the bar in the Mountain Inn. We enjoyed his so much that afternoon that we decided to hear him play again. We were not disappointed. Jessie even arranged with the band to go on stage and sing "Happy Birthday" to me. She sang it the sexy way Marilyn Monroe sang it to President Kennedy and it was a GAS.

The next day, we were on the slopes early and got in a lot of great skiing all over the mountain. We again warmed up on Superstar and then headed over to Bear Mountain. Bear faces south and has a tendency to soften up early, so it's wise to ski there early in the day. We made bump run after bump run and then headed back to the Killington Base Lodge for lunch. The porch at the base lodge was once again filled with skiers catching a few rays on this beautiful spring day. We ran into our friends again and had lunch with them.

After lunch, we rode up the K1 Express gondola and skied all those trails serviced by that list. We ended the day by doing the bumps on Highline Racing Trail and called it a day. The snow was getting soft and I had a long drive ahead of me. I dropped Jessie off at the Airport and headed north.