Perisher Blue, Australia - September 5th, 2008: The skies opened up for some beautiful blue bird conditions as riders pushed through an almost too-soft-to-handle Slopestyle course at the 2008 Swatch TTR 5Star Burton Australian Open Snowboarding Championships. A brutal Australian sun kept competitors on their toes, but with exemplary prowess on all fronts, US rider Jamie Anderson and Norwegian shredder Torstein Horgmo claimed the final Slopestyle Titles of the Southern Hemisphere portion of the Swatch TTR World Tour. However, entering the Northern Hemisphere season as Tour leaders of the Swatch TTR World Tour are Jamie Anderson and no other than Chas Guldemond (USA) who finished in 4th today.

During the early rounds of the semi-finals no one was able to tell who would break away, as most snowboarders seemed to keep things mellow, feeling out the course and scoping out the competition. Once finals commenced however, events changed dramatically.

In the Men's field competition was fierce with many riders becoming frustrated with sloppy landings. The Slopestyle, however, was without a doubt Torstein Horgmo's show. Breaking out a Switch BS 1260 alongside BS 7s and FS 9s, Horgmo was light year's ahead of the pack. His first place finish took him up 14 spots to TTR World No. 6. Coming off an injury that kept him out of many competitions last season, Danny Davis proved he still had it, claiming second place in the Men's Slopestyle ahead of fellow US rider Eric Willet who finished third.

07/08 Swatch TTR World Tour Champion Kevin Pearce was able to break into the Men's Top 10 with a 5th place finish as Chas Guldemond, who chased Horgmo in Australia with his own BS 12 attempt, managed a 4th place finish to secure his position as current World No. 1. "I am stoked," exclaimed Chas after the competition. "I had a good start to the season. Although I did not win every contest, I was consistent. It's a good feeling to have that consistent start - but I'm trying not to think too hard about the World No. 1 spot because I want to keep it fun."

A 7th place finish was enough for Janne Korpi (FIN) to defend the World No. 2 spot against Charles Reid (CAN) and Luke Mitrani (USA). Although his current rank gives him a little head start into the Northern Hemisphere season, Korpi stays realistic, "To stay on top of the TTR world ranking means that I have to keep this form also at the 5 & 6Star events. I will need many podium finishes more. The season has barely started so itīs not time for cartwheels yet."

Qualifying first in the semis, current World No. 1 Jamie Anderson continued her Slopestyle domination through all three run of the finals. While most riders failed to connect tricks and stick their landings, Anderson stomped her textbook Cab 5s, solid 3s and a sick FS 7 in her final run to cruise her way to the top of the podium. With her victory, Jamie extends her Tour lead that has her almost 300 points ahead of the two Aussie girls Lauren Staveley and Michaela Davis-Meehan now sitting in World No. 2 and 3 after their finishes in 8th and 9th position of the Slopestyle.

"I'm stoked!" said Jamie. "There's less pressure going into the Northern Hemisphere now because I did the whole Southern Hemisphere and scored some good results. Let the good times roll!"

Two Canadian riders followed Anderson to the podium today. In second place was Raewyn Reid who stuck her smooth Boardslides and epic BS 5s. Kara Rennie finished right behind Reid in 3rd with solid 3s and rail combos, a result that moved her into TTR World No. 4. US riders Hannah Teter and Kimmy Fasani, who were favored to do well in the Slopestyle, finished 4th and 5th, with Teter laying down just one run in the finals. Both have moved up over 100 spots during the Burton Australian Open to break into the Women's TTR Top 10.

The Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour takes a break for a couple months, but it will be back in full swing with the highly anticipated 6Star Air & Style Munich 08 for the men, closely followed by the 5Star Burton Canadian Open for both men and women in December.

2008/2009 - Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour Ranking as of: 05/ 09/08


Rank Name Nation Results Points
1 Guldemond, Chas USA 7 535.51
2 Korpi, Janne FIN 6 457.63
3 Reid, Charles CAN 6 437.44
4 Mitrani, Luke USA 6 433.45
5 Maurer, Stephan SUI 5 396.25
6 Horgmo, Torstein NOR 5 378.00
7 Malin, Markus FIN 4 341.03
8 Sörman, Chris SWE 6 328.82
9 Aguirre, Mason USA 4 324.53
10 Pearce, Kevin USA 3 303.4


Rank Name Nation Results Points
1 Anderson, Jamie USA 6 587.08
2 Staveley, Lauren AUS 6 296.82
3 Davis-Meehan, Michaela AUS 6 295.45
4 Rennie, Kara CAN 5 282.27
5 Candrian, Sina SUI 3 271.57
6 Hollingsworth, Ellery USA 3 249.44
7 Teter, Hannah USA 3 231.46
8 Fasani, Kimmy USA 3 220.42
9 Gulini, Faye USA 3 218.15
10 Clark, Kelly USA 2 215.13


Falls Creek Resort, Australia - 25th August, 2008: The 4Star Oakley Stylewars did not only push snowboarding to another level but also had a major impact on the 08/09 Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour Rankings with tour veterans, young guns, and south-hemi up and comers all throwing down enormous maneuvers, staking their claims for the title early on. Chas Guldemond (USA), who recently lost the Tour Lead in New Zealand, took back the World No. 1 spot, followed closely by the two Kiwi rivals James Hamilton (NZE) in World No. 2 and Stef Zeestraten (NZE) in World No. 3.

The final day of snowboarding at Stylewars was held under perfect Australian skies without a breath of wind. The riding standard was beyond ridiculous, the course was softening in the hot sun and tricks were getting thrown that have never before been seen on snow down under.

Leading the charge was a man on a mission, last year's grand master Torstein Horgmo (NOR), who was sending massive smooth tricks with rarely a hand out of place. He took out best trick with an insane switch backside 1260 melon deep into the landing of the first jump and climbed 22 positions up the Swatch TTR rankings into World No. 30.

The overall winner of the event was Canadian rider, Charles Reid, who dominated for the entire three days of the grueling event. With his victory and 500 Swatch TTR ranking points, Charles moves up 9 ranks to World No. 7. A slew of 1080's, rodeos and consistent style had him pushing out fellow Canadian Matts Kulisek for the win. In the end, Kulisek finished 3rd behind Horgmo.

After knocking himself out heavily in at the Burton New Zealand Open, Chas Guldemond flew into Stylewars at the last minute to compete and take 5th overall which was enough to regain the Tour Lead.

"It's only the second comp of the year so I'm sure Charles Reid will be biting at my heals after this contest… I wanted to come in to Stylewars and check out the contest, slow it all down a bit and enjoy the contest and focus on my style. I'm going to take this as a good base for practice for the start of the season."

In the coveted Bledisnow Cup competition between Australian and New Zealand, the Australian team stood strong today with incredible riding from Ryan Tiene, Robbie Walker, the Allan brothers and 15 year old Jye Kearney who was whiskers away from stomping 90-foot frontside 1080 tails. One to look out for from Down Under.

2008 STYLEWARS presented by Oakley

1 Charles Reid (CAN) $7000
2 Torstein Horgmo (NOR)
3 Matts Kulisek (CAN)
4 Shayne Pospisil (USA)
5 Chas Guldemond (USA)
6 Ville Uotila (FIN)
7 Ryan Tiene (AUS)
8 Stef Zeestraten (NZE)
9 Will Jackways (NZE)
10 Mitch Allan (AUS)
11 Tore Holvik (NOR)
12 Robbie Walker (AUS)
13 Keiji Okamoto (JPN)
14 Clint Allan (AUS)
15 Jacob Koia (NZE)
16 Roland Morley Brown (NZE)
17 Nick Brown (NZE)
18 Masaharu Nakao (JPN)
19 Jye Kearney (AUS)
20 Tyler Chorlton (UK)
21 Mario Kappeli (SUI)
22 Dustin Craven (CAN)
23 Quentin Robbins (NZE)
24 Cohen Davies (AUS)
25 Andy Lloyd (AUS)
26 Kerian McLaughlin (AUS)
27 Jonas Carlson (SWE)
28 Chris Sörman (SWE)
29 Jaakko Ruha (FIN)

2008/2009 - Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour Ranking as of: 28/ 08/08


Rank Name Nation Results Points
1 Guldemond, Chas USA 4 308.77
2 Hamilton, James NZE 4 272.70
3 Zeestraten, Stef NZE 5 262.75
4 Holvik, Tore NOR 5 258.72
5 Kleivdal, Roger NOR 4 251.36
6 Korpi, Janne FIN 3 249.73
7 Reid, Charles CAN 3 246.59
8 Uotila, Ville FIN 4 234.32
9 Maurer, Stephan SUI 3 234.02
10 Mitrani, Luke USA 3 221.88