Thanksgiving K

by George de Luna

I went up to Killington late Friday night. I left NYC at about midnight. No traffic on the way up, which is always nice. As I got into middle Vermont, I noticed this strange white substance covering the ground. "What is this"? I thought to myself. It was snow. WOO-HOO! Snow covering the ground in November. I thought the skiing will be good.

I got up late, due to lack of sleep the night before, and my first day out. I didn't want to kill myself, as I plan on getting well in excess of 120 days this season. It was a beautiful day. It was sunny, but cold, a great combination for a good ski day. I took the Snowdon triple up, and skied over to the Glades area. It looked great, but big lift lines. About 10 minutes. So, I waited on line anxiously awaiting my first turns of the season. I got to the top and started skiing. The snow was great! The traffic on the slopes was not as bad as the traffic in the lift line and as the day progressed, the crowds got smaller and smaller. I skied from about noon to 4 and I had a great day.

It stayed cold, and the snowmakers had a chance to do their thing. The next day the skiing was even better, there were fewer people, and much more open terrain. I got out a bit earlier, too. There was blue cruising on Rime, bumps aplenty on East Glade, and a long easy cruise from the top on Great Northern. Bunny Buster was in great shape, too.

The skiing was so good, I decided to stay for Monday. Monday, the skiing was even better. They were still cranking out snow, looking to get the Skye-bitter-road connection up. Also they were making snow on Ramshead. Lookin' good for the Thanksgiving holiday. And as I write this, I am dreaming of the 12-14 inches of Fresh that Killington received in the past 24 hours. Wow. And I won't be back skiing until Friday. It should be the best Thanksgiving K has seen in a number of years.
I'm really psyched to get back up and do some more skiing and I hope this cold and snowy weather is a harbinger of things to come.