by Paul Maraschiello


I headed up to Mt. Snow for the Winter Dew Tour where the best Freeskiers and Snowboarders would be competing in the Superpipe and on the Slopestyle course in the second stop of the Winter Dew Tour. There was a large crowd on hand viewing the events which were televised live from the Mount Snow resort. Freeskiing superstars like Simon Dumont and Tanner Hall thrilled the spectators, along with snowboarders like Shaun White and Vermont natives Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark.

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Winter Dew Tour
The second stop of the Winter Dew Tour was at Mount Snow, Vermont. Mt. Snow recently converted the entire 95 acre Carinthia Mountain into a series of new terrain parks, making it the perfect playground for the Winter Dew Tour.

Saturday saw top snowboarders compete on the Slopestyle course. For the Men, it was Torstein Horgmo in 1st place just edging out Shaun White who came in 2nd with Andreas Wiig placing 3rd. This was a happy bunch of boys on the podium. Torstein put together a near-perfect first run by sticking a flawless switch backside 1260 over the final "money booter". Shaun White put together a great technical run which included a boardslide 270 out, nose/front board combo, cab 900, 50-50 to backside rodeo 5 off the canon, cab 270 to frontside boardslide, switch backside 900, and a frontside 1080 stalefish. Andreas Wiig's exited the first jib via a backside 270 out. He followed it with a boardslide to fakie out, cab 900, backside 900 rodeo, switch boardslide on the down rail and capped with a switch backside 900 and frontside 1080.

On the podium for the Women Snowboarders, it was Jamie Anderson who came in 1st, Spencer O'Brien 2nd, and Chanelle Sladics in 3rd place. Tahoe's Jamie Anderson went for it, landing a tail press on the first rail, pretzeled out of a nose press on the second jib, then linked together a switch backside 3, cab 180, a boardslide, front 3 and frontside 5, to end her run. Spencer locked in a boardslide to fakie, a boardslide-gap-boardslide to fakie, followed by a switch backside 180, a frontside 360 and a backside 5. Chanelle Sladics nailed a boardslide to 270 out, a 50-50 to gap, a cork front 3, a 50-50 to straight air capped by a back 3 and frontside 5 for her 3rd place showing.

Among the Freeskier Mens competition on the Slopestyle course, it was JF Houle placed 1st,

Per-Kristian Hunder was in 2nd place and Alexis Godbout in 3rd place. Spectators saw these world-class athletes take big hits or rails and tabletops with big air off the jumps. For the Womens Slopestyle, it was Kaya Turski in 1st place, Kim Lamarre in 2nd and

Sarah Burke in 3rd.

That evening the Freeskier aerialists wowed the crowd during NBC's live telecast of this awesome Superpipe event. The competition was keen but the amplitude of Simon Dumont landed him in 1st place. Justin Dorey came in 2nd with Tanner Hall landing podium in 3rd place. I hadn't seen Tanner compete in-person since he took the Gold at the X-Games at Mt. Snow. During practice Tanner over-rotated and landed on his head. Tanner's run in the Final was filled with shifties but it just wasn't enough to place higher than 3rd.

Justin Dorey, affectionately known as "J-Bone", stomped a double on his first hit. He dialed a switch 10 on his run and spun both ways, demonstrating why he is one of the best in the game.

Sunday River's Simon Dumont launched himself into orbit with well-executed tricks which included two 900s and a 1260.

For the Women in the Freeski Superpipe, it was Jen Hudak in 1st place,

Grete Eliassen 2nd and Davina Williams in 3rd.

That night it snowed and snowed some more. We woke up to almost a foot of powder at Mt. Snow. It wasn't that heave wet powder that is typical for New England, it was light and fluffy, more like the powder found out West. I had forgotten how BIG Mt. Snow is and had a great time familiarizing myself with this great southern Vermont ski resort.

The Snowboard Superpipe Finals were telecast live that evening by NBC. Shaun White placed 1st, Steve Fisher was 2nd and Kevin Pearce was 3rd. Shaun linked a backside rodeo 7, a 900, back-to-back 10s, a 720 and an alley-oop rodeo to cinch 1st place with a top score of 96.25. Steve Fisher spun down the 450-foot Superpipe executing back-to-back 7s, back-to-back 9s, a 1080 and a cab 9 for a score of 92.75. Kevin Pearce run included a frontside 900, a lofty McTwist, back-to-back 10s, and a super steezy crail. The line earned him a score of 90.00.

With a 15-point lead past Danny Davis, Shaun White, with 190 points earned in each Slopestyle and Superpipe disciplines, poises to establish an unprecedented dual-event domination unmatched by athletes of either Dew Tour.

For the Snowboard Superpipe Womens Finals, it was Kelly Clark in 1st place, Hannah Teter in 2nd, and Ellery Hollingsworth in 3rd place. Kelly held off fellow Vermonter Hannah Teter by going big with a frontside air, back 5, frontside 720, cab 360, a frontside 540, and a big backside air. Her run was simple , clean and big. Hannah put on the heat with a straight air into a frontside 5 to backside 5, followed by a frontside 7 and a cab 7. Ellery dropped in with a backside air, back to back 7s, a frontside air and a backside 7.

The events will again be telivised on MTV Jan. 24th & Jan 31